The Review

In the mid-Sixties, the interest and specific skills gained over the years in the sector led lawyer Antonio Astolfi to found a magazine specialised in pharmaceutical and healthcare law, an area he believed would take on greater prominence over time.

The writing of the "Rassegna di diritto farmaceutico", founded in 1970 and now in its 50th edition, is still managed today by the law firm under its new name "Rassegna di diritto farmaceutico e della salute". It reflects the growing attention to healthcare issues, which are analysed from every legal perspective.
The review discusses legal and regulatory issues in the pharmaceutical and health sector, and offers readers a large collection of Italian and European case law accompanied by observations and comments by renowned experts in the various fields.
The review also includes a regulatory section of circulars and notes from the competent Authorities, as well as a selection of news items on specific topics. Each issue is enhanced with analyses and comments by renowned experts in the various fields.

To celebrate its 50th edition, and with a view to continuous development and updating, the review has adapted to new technologies and is now also available in a dynamic online version for easy retrieval and consultation of the significant volume of valuable legal material collected over time, from laptops and mobile devices.
So, thanks to the new tools for viewing and distribution, the publication created by the founder in 1970 is now more dynamic than ever.
The review is ready to face all the challenges that the new methods of working, research and analysis pose for legal practitioners, and for its 50th anniversary moves on to the web meet the demands of the digital age, while continuing to offer the print edition for those who prefer traditional reading!

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