Sonia Selletti

Education: University of Pavia (1991).

Areas of expertise: Life sciences, law in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices sectors.

Author: Legal profiles in interaction with patients through social media”, 2015; “The new EU Patent with unitary effects”, 2015; “The extraordinary competitive exam for the assignment of new pharmaceutical premises”, 2013; “The main new developments introduced by Regulation 330/2010 compared with the previous regulation 2790/1999”, 2011; “Online sales: the importance of regulations, the BER” (Block Exemption Regulation), 2009; “Pharmacists and wholesalers? Yes, but…”, 2008; “Privacy guidance in clinical studies. Analysis of the Guarantor’s new guidelines”, 2008; “The co-promotion contract in the pharmaceuticals sector: juridical profiles and regulators”, 2008; “The regional administrative tribunal “endorses” the scientific information protocol of the Calabria Regional Authority. The ceiling of four visits per year to doctors is legitimate”, 2007; “The regulation of scientific information in the Code relating to medicinal products for human use”, 2006; “Regulatory harmonisation in supplements – a long road that began in 2000 and continues today”, 2006; “Co-promotion a European reality, a local hypothesis for the promotion of drugs”, 2004; “Advertising and sale of non-prescription drugs by mail order and via the internet – Note to the ruling of the European Court of Justice of 11 December 2003”, 2004; “Privacy protection in the pharmaceuticals industry – Reflections two months after the entry into effect of the Privacy Code”, 2004; “System of responsibilities in Pharmacovigilance”, 2003; “Comment on the ruling of the Constitutional Court of 4 February 2003 on pharmacy opening hours and rotas”, 2003; “System of responsibilities in Pharmacovigilance”, 2003; “Supplements, the launch of the new EU directive”, 2002; “EU Court /No to repackaging of drugs with two separate authorisations. The importance for the “packaging” test. New packaging admissible only if essential for sale”, 2002; “To obtain right to reimbursement from the national health system the only factor is the patent on the active ingredient in drugs”, 2002; “What about supplements?”, 2002; “Cosmetics: no to abbreviated warnings”, 2001; “EU Court /Consequences of the ruling annulling the fine on Bayer. Drugs: yes to a defensive approach. Strategies against parallel imports are allowed”, 2000; “Brief notes on the Competition & Market Authority initiatives regarding the pricing of medical specialties”, 1998; “Points in jurisprudence on management of municipal pharmacies as corporate entities”, 1998; “The privatisation of municipal pharmacies takes effect”, Rassegna di diritto farmaceutico, 1996; “The privatisation of municipal pharmacies takes effect", 1996; "Entrepreneurialism and innovation in the management of municipal pharmacies ", 1995. Editor in chief: "Rassegna di diritto farmaceutico e della salute”.

Languages: Italian, English, French and German.